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Body of Evidence

It’s Flashback Friday! This Week’s Flashback Movie….     Release Date: January 15, 1993 Runtime: 99 minutes Rating: R Studio: MGM Director: Uli Edel Cast: Willem Dafoe; Madonna; Joe Mantegna; Anne Archer; Julianne Moore; Frank Langella; Jurgen Prochnow Hoo-boy!!! This one’s a doozy! No one in this train wreck could possibly have thought that they were

Side Effects

    Release Date: February 8, 2013 Runtime: 106 minutes Rating: R Studio: Open Road Films Director: Steven Soderbergh Cast: Jude Law; Rooney Mara; Catherine Zeta-Jones; Channing Tatum Instead of going out with a bang, Steven Soderbergh decided to go out with more of a tremble. While his latest, and purportedly last movie, is an


It’s Flashback Friday! This Week’s Flashback Movie….     Release Date: November 13, 1971 Runtime: 90 minutes Rating: PG Studio: Universal Pictures Director: Steven Spielberg Cast: Dennis Weaver; Jacqueline Scott; Eddie Firestone This is the movie that put a young Steven Spielberg on the map. Originally produced for television (released theatrically in Europe), and based on

Oz: The Great and Powerful

    Release Date: March 8, 2013 Runtime: 130 minutes Rating: PG Studio: Walt Disney Pictures Director: Sam Raimi Cast: James Franco; Mila Kunis; Rachel Weisz; Michelle Williams; Zach Braff; Joey King; Bill Cobbs “The Wizard of Oz” endures. Every few years, a new take on L. Frank Baum’s tales pops up. In 1985, there was “Return


    Release Date: March 1, 2013 Runtime: 99 minutes Rating: R Studio: Fox Searchlight Director: Chan-wook Park Cast: Mia Wasikowska; Nicole Kidman; Matthew Goode; Jacki Weaver; Dermot Mulroney This is a nasty little number.   The first English-language film from Chan-wook Park, director of “Oldboy,” is a modern gothic nightmare that leaves you thinking, “Thank

When Time Ran Out

It’s Flashback Friday! This Week’s Flashback Movie….     Release Date: March 28, 1980 Runtime: 121 minutes Rating: PG Studio: Warner Brothers Director: James Goldstone Cast: Paul Newman; Jacqueline Bisset; William Holden; Edward Albert; Ernest Borgnine; Burgess Meredith; Red Buttons; Veronica Hamel; Alex Karras; James Franciscus This is your typical Irwin Allen disaster flick that

Motel Hell

It’s Flashback Friday! This Week’s Flashback Movie….     Release Date: October 18, 1980 Runtime: 101 minutes Rating: R Studio: United Artists (MGM) Director: Kevin Connor Cast: Rory Calhoun; Nancy Parsons; Paul Linke; Nina Axelrod; Wolfman Jack [POSSIBLE SPOILERS] This is one fun, albeit totally demented movie!! I love it when movies don’t take themselves

The Master*: A Reel Podcast

    Release Date: September 21, 2012 Runtime: 144 minutes Rating: R Studio: The Weinstein Company Director: Paul Thomas Anderson Cast: Philip Seymour Hoffman; Joaquin Phoenix; Amy Adams *2013 Academy Award Nominations Best Actor…..Joaquin Phoenix Best Supporting Actor…..Philip Seymour Hoffman Best Supporting Actress…..Amy Adams

2013 Academy Awards Recap

Well, last night was definitely full of surprises.  From Quentin Tarantino’s Best Original Screenplay win for ‘Django Unchained’ to Ang Lee’s Best Director win for ‘Life of Pi,’ the 85th Annual Academy Awards proved to be a pretty darn good show! I’m not one for regaling about the fashion, so I’m not going to dwell