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Rock of Ages

    Release Date: June 15, 2012 Runtime: 123 minutes Rating: PG-13 Studio: Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema Director: Adam Shankman Cast: Julianne Hough; Diego Boneta; Alec Baldwin; Russell Brand; Paul Giamatti; Catherine Zeta-Jones; Bryan Cranston; Malin Akerman; Mary J. Blige; Tom Cruise The Broadway musical upon which this movie is based, while not

Graffiti Bridge

It’s Flashback Friday! This Week’s Flashback Movie….     Release Date: November 2, 1990 Runtime: 95 minutes Rating: PG-13 Studio: Warner Bros. Director: Prince Cast: Prince; Morris Day; Ingrid Chavez; Jerome Benton; Mavis Staples; Tevin Campbell [SPOILERS] Prince is an extremely talented guy. His music and his moves are hallmarks of the 1980s. “Graffiti Bridge,” his unofficial


    Release Date: September 22, 1995 Runtime: 131 minutes Rating: NC-17 Studio: United Artists (MGM) Director: Paul Verhoeven Cast: Elizabeth Berkley; Kyle MacLachlan; Gina Gershon; Gina Ravera; Glenn Plummer; Alan Rachins Let’s not bullshit each other, folks. You know you love this boondoggle of a flick from 1995, to date the most widely released NC-17 movie

Streets of Fire

    Release Date: June 1, 1984 Runtime: 93 minutes Rating: R Studio: Universal Pictures Director: Walter Hill Cast: Michael Pare; Diane Lane; Willem Dafoe; Rick Moranis; Deborah Van Valkenburgh; Amy Madigan [POSSIBLE SPOILERS] Although this film is pure 80’s in the music, it’s a throwback to 1950’s ‘good-guys vs. bad-guys movies’ in plot, dialogue


    Release Date: August 8, 1980 Runtime: 93 minutes Rating: PG Studio: Universal Pictures Director: Robert Greenwald Cast: Olivia Newton-John; Gene Kelly; Michael Beck Something about this movie draws me to it.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that it was so viciously derided upon its initial release, whether it’s the tack, tack, TACKY

Lost Horizon (1973)

    Release Date: March 17, 1973 Runtime: 150 minutes (feels like it!) Rating: G Studio: Columbia Pictures (Sony) Director: Charles Jarrott Cast: Peter Finch; Liv Ullmann; John Gielgud; Sally Kellerman; George Kennedy; Michael York; Olivia Hussey; Bobby Van; James Shigeta; Charles Boyer Hoo-boy!  Where to start with this one? This is Ross Hunter’s infamous