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Molly’s Game

    Release Date: December 25, 2017 (limited); January 5, 2018 (wide) Runtime: 140 minutes Rating: R Studio: STX Entertainment Director: Aaron Sorkin Cast: Jessica Chastain; Idris Elba; Michael Cera; Kevin Costner; Jeremy Strong; Chris O’Dowd; Graham Greene; Brian d’Arcy James Aaron Sorkin, Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba make a glorious threesome in “Molly’s Game,”

First They Killed My Father

    Release Date: September 15, 2017 Screened: September 11, 2017 (Toronto International Film Festival) Runtime: 136 minutes Rating: NR – equivalent to a strong PG-13 Studio: Netflix Director: Angelina Jolie Cast: Sareum Srey Moch; Phoeung Kompheak; Sveng Socheata; Mun Kimhak; Heng Dara; Khoun Sothea; Sarun Nika; Run Malyna; Oun Srey Neang Angelina Jolie directs

BPM (Beats Per Minute)

    Release Date: August 23, 2017 (France); October 20, 2017 (USA – limited) Screened: September 10, 2017 (Toronto International Film Festival) Runtime: 140 minutes Rating: No Rating Yet (it’ll be R) Studio: Memento Films Director: Robin Campillo Cast: Nahuel Pérez Biscayart; Arnaud Valois; Adèle Haenel; Antoine Reinartz; Théophile Ray; Catherine Vinatier **Minor Spoilers** Director

I, Tonya

    Release Date: September 8, 2017 (Toronto International Film Festival) Screened: September 9, 2017 (Toronto International Film Festival) Runtime: 119 minutes Rating: No Rating Yet Studio: Miramax  Director: Craig Gillespie Cast: Margot Robbie; Sebastian Stan; Allison Janney; Julianne Nicholson; Bobby Cannavale; Caitlin Carver; Mckenna Grace; Paul Walter Hauser Craig Gillespie’s I, Tonya takes a ripped-from-the-headlines


    Release Date: December 2, 2016 Runtime: 100 minutes Rating: R Studio: Fox Searchlight Director: Pablo Larraín Cast: Natalie Portman; Peter Sarsgaard; Greta Gerwig; Billy Crudup; John Hurt; John Carroll Lynch; Max Casella Natalie Portman disappears into Camelot with her astonishing portrayal of Jacqueline Kennedy in “Jackie.” Portman, director Pablo Larraín and screenwriter Noah


    Release Date: September 9, 2016 Runtime: 96 minutes Rating: PG-13 Studio: Warner Bros. Director: Clint Eastwood Cast: Tom Hanks; Aaron Eckhart; Laura Linney; Mike O’Malley; Anna Gunn; Jamey Sheridan Hero worship doesn’t get much more blatant, or for that matter, more entertaining than “Sully,” Clint Eastwood’s dramatization of the Miracle on the Hudson

King Cobra

    Release Date: Screened April 18, 2016 – Tribeca Film Festival Runtime: 91 minutes Rating: Not Yet Rated (but let’s be’ll be R) Studio: Yale Productions/SSS Entertainment/Digital Ignition Entertainment/RabbitBandini Productions Director: Justin Kelly Cast: James Franco; Garrett Clayton; Christian Slater; Molly Ringwald; Keegan Allen; Alicia Silverstone A movie as salacious and lurid as


    Release Date: July 24, 1972 Runtime: 88 minutes Rating: PG Studio: Cinema 5 Distributing Director: Howard Smith; Sarah Kernochan Cast: Marjoe Gortner It might be tempting to call Marjoe Gortner a con man. He was a noted evangelist in the days before Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, “saving” people in exchange for them

Steve Jobs

    Release Date: October 23, 2015 Runtime: 122 minutes Rating: R Studio: Universal Pictures Director: Danny Boyle Cast: Michael Fassbender; Kate Winslet; Jeff Daniels; Seth Rogen; Michael Stuhlbarg; Katherine Waterston I came away from this movie with a great big ‘eh.’ It’s typical Aaron Sorkin. By this, I mean lots of people shouting pithy