I Know Who Killed Me

    Release Date: July 27, 2007 Runtime: Too long Rating: R Studio: Sony Director: Chris Sivertson (poor thing!) Cast: Lindsay Lohan; Julia Ormond (wow…what a fall!); Neal McDonough; Brian Geraghty This will be a short review because, honestly, this film is really just a huge piece of shit. I mean, you know it’s a

The Oscar

    Release Date: March 4, 1966 Runtime: 119 minutes Rating: N/A Studio: Paramount Director: Russell Rouse Cast: Stephen Boyd; Milton Berle; Elke Sommer; Jill St. John; Tony Bennett; a slew of other Oscar winners/nominees While watching this train wreck of a film, a number of questions occurred to me. The first came to me

Mary Reilly

    Release Date: February 23, 1996 Runtime: 108 minutes (100 minutes too long) Rating: R Studio: TriStar Pictures (Sony) Director: Stephen Frears Cast: Julia Roberts; John Malkovich; Glenn Close; George Cole; Michael Sheen I like Julia Roberts.  I really do.  I’ve been a fan ever since “Satisfaction.”  But please, Julia, for the love of