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American Hustle
“American Hustle” resembles what would happen if you put “GoodFellas” and “Boogie Nights” into a blender and hit ‘puree.’

The Counselor
An unusual misfire from Ridley Scott, “The Counselor” is nothing you haven’t seen before, done better.

12 Years A Slave
Solomon Northup is a free man no longer. He is a slave.

Captain Phillips
“Captain Phillips” is one realistic and unnerving voyage on the open sea, and one that I am absolutely thrilled I wasn’t a passenger on.

Even with Hemsworth, Heard, Oldman and Ford, this techno-thriller lacks spark.

The Patience Stone
As a movie, it feels like a book.

2 Guns
I haven’t had this much fun at the movies in a long time!

Despicable Me 2
If the little boy sitting behind me at my screening is any indication, the kids are going to love this!

Breaking the Girls
A wannabe twisty thriller that has Late Night Logo written all over it.

Shadow Dancer
An interesting story and a talented cast can’t overcome a sluggish movie that wants to be a John le Carré espionage thriller, but just can’t muster up the energy.

The Iceman
“The Iceman” is one of the best films so far this year.

Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton
A lovingly-crafted tribute to an influential man who clearly led an interesting and unconventional life, true to his remarkably brave and unique sense of self.

A worthy addition to the coming-of-age sub-genre.

Arthur Newman
“Arthur Newman” is a sweet road, buddy movie for adults who aren’t afraid to think.

Interior: Leather Bar
I got the sensation that the film was the product of two filmmaker buddies who got together one day and decided to shoot something titillating.

Love Free or Die
This is one of those documentaries which makes you want to run out and fight for the cause.

My Brother Jonathan
A five-part BBC miniseries starring a young Daniel Day-Lewis, “My Brother Jonathan” will appeal to the “Downton Abbey” crowd who favor this type of exquisitely mounted historical drama.

If you’re looking to get involved with the man himself, you’d be better off buying one of his molded penises.