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Where The Truth Lies

Reel Small 1

Reel Small 1

Half Reel




Release Date: October 7, 2005
Runtime: 107 minutes
Rating: R
Studio: THINKFilm
Director: Atom Egoyan
Cast: Colin Firth; Kevin Bacon; Alison Lohman; Rachel Blanchard; David Hayman

This is an interesting little noir.  Not as tight as it could probably be, but still a twisty diversion.

Vince Collins (Colin Firth) and Lanny Morris (Kevin Bacon) are a Martin and Lewis style nightclub act in the late 1950s.  Telethons, hotel openings, and the like.  They are rock star famous and live their lives as such, with hookers, pills, booze…you know the drill.  One day in their New Jersey hotel suite, a chambermaid is found dead in a bathtub.  How did she get there?  How and why did she die?  Who is responsible?  Both Collins and Morris have airtight alibis, yet she was found in the bathtub in their hotel room.  Not long afterwards, their winning relationship falters and the duo breaks up. Continue reading

The Oscar


Reel Small 1



Release Date: March 4, 1966
Runtime: 119 minutes
Rating: N/A
Studio: Paramount
Director: Russell Rouse
Cast: Stephen Boyd; Milton Berle; Elke Sommer; Jill St. John; Tony Bennett; a slew of other Oscar winners/nominees

While watching this train wreck of a film, a number of questions occurred to me. The first came to me five minutes into the film: Why does the strip club owner almost immediately pull a knife on Frankie and Hymie when they ask for the remainder of their money owed to them? Doesn’t seem like the most productive, not to mention professional, way to do business. That scene pretty much set the tone of the picture: that everything would be over-the-top and have little or no connection to the real world. (Comparisons here to “Showgirls,” made about thirty years later: in the first five minutes of that pic, a hitchhiking Nomi (the lead nutjob) almost immediately pulls a switchblade on the guy who picks her up …all because he asked her her name!) Anyway, having realized what kind of movie this was doomed to be, I settled in to watch the rest. About 20 minutes in, another question occurred to me: Why is there this constant, almost nagging melodramatic music underscoring the entire film? Not just specific scenes that may justify it, but ALL THE SCENES!!! Someone gets up from a chair, the music swells; someone crosses a room, there’s the music again, incessant and irritating. And the music’s so cheesy you need a lactose pill to listen to it!! Continue reading