The Prince

Toilet Paper



Release Date: August 22, 2014
Runtime: 93 minutes
Rating: R
Studio: Lionsgate
Director: Brian A. Miller
Cast: Jason Patric; Bruce Willis; John Cusack; Jessica Lowndes; Gia Mantegna; Rain; 50 Cent

Do not be fooled into thinking this is a quality picture just because the names Jason Patric, Bruce Willis and John Cusack are in the credits. “The Prince” is one of the laziest, ugliest, not to mention dumbest movies I’ve seen in a long time.

Everyone involved should be embarrassed by this blatant check-casher. Unfortunately, Jason Patric has to at least feign a performance since he’s the one carrying the movie. What are Bruce Willis and John Cusack’s excuses? They must have had a two-week break between (better) movies and thought “Why not? I’ll pick up a quick payday.” Neither even seems to be trying to give a performance; like this whole experience is painful for them. Undoubtedly it is, but it’s infinitely more painful for the audience that has to endure sloppy camerawork, inane dialogue and a plot that goes nowhere.

Basically, what it boils down to is that Paul’s (Patric) daughter, Beth (Gia Mantegna – can’t her dad, Joe, use his connections to get her into a decent movie?), has been cavorting with some lowlifes and has now gone missing. Paul, one of those former mob enforcers who can waste a room without even scratching his knee, reluctantly teams up with his daughter’s college buddy, Angela (Jessica Lowndes), to search for her in the underbelly of New Orleans. Gee, “Taken” really spawned a mini-genre of “Badass Dads Searching for Missing Daughters,” didn’t it?? I kid, because this movie makes “Taken” look like “Lawrence of Arabia,” in comparison.

No one comes out of this one unscathed, not Patric, Willis, Cusack, Lowndes, poor 50 Cent (who shows up for a few minutes) and especially not the director, Brian A. Miller, who might want to try a pseudonym for his next picture. No wonder Lionsgate sent this one direct-to-video. They should have sent it direct-to-the-trash heap!


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